Shawn Modersohn


This is a collection of my digital artwork. These images are licensed under Creative Commons version 4. These images are free to use and modify, even commercially. The only restriction is that you must give appropriate credit. Each project will have documentation providing the license. Essentially, as long as you don't claim my original work as your own, you can do what you want. If you modify an image and put it under your own license terms, I would appreciate if you would send me an email with your work. I'd like to see how it evolved with your talent.

I have included the source files for these images whenever possible. Some of these files were created with a years old Adobe Illustrator version. If you can open these and export them to a more open format and send it to me, I would really appreciate that. It is my hope that these images are helpful to anyone who needs them.


an image of a padlock

A picture of a lock. I think I needed an image for a password prompt.

Navigation Arrows

image of navigation arrows

Some navigation arrows used in Javascript for rollover transition effects.

The One Two Three's

an image of a music concert poster

A poster for a fictional band. I watched a colleague draw an interesting illustration off the top of her head within just a few minutes. Here I am trying to emulate her creative process using quickly drawn paths and other artistic simplicities. It still took me hours and hours to think of and to make this drawing.